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Suddenly, WiFi

Turns out there's more to the Xbox One Wireless Adapter than I expected

Reader for Mobile and Wireless Networks 192620010 (2018/2019)

The course "Mobile and Wireless Networks" (given on University of Twente) requires students to buy a reader to read along. This reader consists of several chapters and papers from different authors which are available freely on the web. This page lists those chapters and paper so that you, as a student, can just find the papers yourself online instead of having to waste paper printing these articles.

The reader in question is:
Mobile & Wireless Networking (G. Heijenk)
Reader 018 (februari 2019)
Vakcode: 192620010

This blog just got a new lick of paint!

No longer is this blog bound by some standard theme. Now it is free and all material-design-y!

Android 7.1 and certificate authorities: unfortunately, I was being too pessimistic

I wrote a piece about Android 7 and its certificate authority system. Now that Android 7.1 has been released, most of the problems I predicted turn out to be nothing.

I think I'm starting to prefer Xubuntu...

I've noticed over the past weeks I've been using Xubuntu more than I have been using Windows. Why though?

Android 7 Nougat and certificate authorities

In this article I will cover some details about the way Android 7 "Nougat" treats user-installed certificate authorities. Android 7 improved security in many ways. However, this has several downsides... As an added bonus, I describe a way to install a certificate authority in Android 7 using root access.

So I got a blog

Every programmer on the internet seems to have a blog. So hey, here's mine. Hope you like it!