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Let's Encrypt, DNS over TLS and Android

Because of the recent expiry of the certificate used to cross-sign Let's Encrypt certificates, Android gets confused when you try to use them for DoT.

Firefox for Android: using a custom certificate authority

How to use your own, self-generated certificate authorities in Firefox for Android

Getting Norton Secure VPN to work on Linux

Norton Secure VPN is a paid VPN service that's packaged in Norton 360. Officially, only Windows, Mac, Android and iOS are supported, but the underlying protocol is OpenVPN so it can be made to work with any platform with enough effort!

Android 7.1 and certificate authorities: unfortunately, I was being too pessimistic

I wrote a piece about Android 7 and its certificate authority system. Now that Android 7.1 has been released, most of the problems I predicted turn out to be nothing.

Android 7 Nougat and certificate authorities

In this article I will cover some details about the way Android 7 "Nougat" treats user-installed certificate authorities. Android 7 improved security in many ways. However, this has several downsides... As an added bonus, I describe a way to install a certificate authority in Android 7 using root access.