The JeroenHD blog
The JeroenHD blog

So I got a blog

Every programmer on the internet seems to have a blog. So hey, here's mine. Hope you like it!

Welcome to my blog! I plan to write some programming stuff on here, maybe rant about a few things.

Most content will probably be in English, however if I'm ranting about stuff I might use Dutch as well. If you're not Dutch and you see a Dutch post of mine, you probably can't relate to it anyway as it'll probably be about Dutch culture or something like that.

The blog is based on Bolt. Bolt is a very customizable, modern, Symfony-based blogging/website template. It's currently running on my Linux VPS. I'm still setting it up as of now so sorry if you notice any random outages.

Written by Jeroen on August 22, 2016

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